• Colabs Angels are actively looking for the most promising startups and typically invest HUF 5-150 million in early stage companies. The funding members also provide value by mentoring and coaching the entrepreneurs in whom they invest, serving on their boards, providing contacts and assisting with team building, strategic planning and further fundraising.

  • An international organisation, specialising in audit, accounting, tax, consulting and advisory services. It has 14,000 professionals in 73 countries.

  • London-based accountants specialising in outsourced accounting and finance solutions 

  • Mashauri is a platform for new ventures and early-stage businesses that was developed with the goal of rebuilding economies through improving the success rates of entrepreneurs. It takes an entrepreneur on an interactive journey from defining the business concept to reaching a sustainable and growing business.

    The entrepreneur is guided along this journey via the Mashauri Map completing all the key steps along the way. Visual reports are produced at certain milestones. Many of these outputs become part of the overall business plan that is developed and refined along the way. The entrepreneur also has access to our key "resources" - a collection of highly useful information and tools covering finance, accounting, marketing, strategy and legal issues among other elements. Furthermore, Mashauri helps these new business owners in staying focussed and motivated through videos, case studies and performance dashboards.

    At pre-agreed intervals, the venture interacts with one of our real live mentors (highly-experienced business people), who reviews the work to date and agrees with the entrepreneur when they are ready for the next phase in the journey.

    Investors are a key element of Mashauri and we help our entrepreneurs source financing from a range of potential funding sources; as well as assisting our investment partners (angels, VC's, crowd-funders) in identifying appropriate and exciting businesses to support.

    Mashauri has been designed to allow "hubs" to use the platform to optimally manage their own collection of ventures. By "hubs", we mean organisations that support a group of entrepreneurs such as accelerators, business schools, co-working spaces and even large companies wishing to foster the entrepreneurial spirit within their own ranks. The hub has a view of all their ventures at an individual and aggregate level and can track their process on the Mashauri Map.

    So - these are the components of the Mashauri ecosystem: our entrepreneurs, our mentors, the investors, the hubs and the journey itself.

    As we say in Spain "buen viaje"!

  • They focus on hardware, creative industries and health-tech startups. Accepting startups worldwide.

    During the 3 month mentoring program teams can use our prototyping tools. Startups are offered  free open office space at Tartu Science Park and can test their product with end-users in a Living Lab setting. Teams also get free and discounted services from partners – that includes development tools, design services, legal and accounting services + many more.