Student Enterprise Conference 2016

Startup Europe and MY-WAY Project


The MY-WAY team was excited to be co-organiser of the Student Enterprise Conference 2016 at UCL buildings on 20-21 February, with an exhibition space and a presentation on Startup Europe and EU funding opportunities.

UCL students showed great energy and positive attitude, as well as innovative ideas on new companies, in the tech field as well as several other ones!

Overall, MY-WAY partners held 8 sessions:

Learn how to pitch your passion - with David Trayford, expert advisor of MY-WAY



Funding Opportunities in the EU - with Krisztina Varga-Tóth and Gabriella Lovás, from Europa Media, coordinators of MY-WAY.














Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - with Alexandra Yaghil, from Euclid Network!

Reaching your true target market - with David Trayford, Claire Burke from The Guardian, Helen Merrills from Communications Management, Alasdair Inglis from Grow and Rich Pleeth from Sup.

Gaining Investment for your business - with John Spindler, from Capital Enterprise

Learning from Failure - with Nick Slater from Capital Enterprise, Yonca Braeckman from and James Routledge from Potential VC.

Entrepreneurs without borders - with Kutlu Kazanci, from Sabanci University.


More information on the event can be found on the official page:

As well as on MY-WAY's social media!