3D Stereo Media

Li├Ęge, Belgium

3D Stereo MEDIA is recognized as one of the few places in the world where 3D experts can meet, exchange ideas, conceive projects, and conclude deals.

This eighth edition will be rich and designed to answer the needs of 3D professionals and enthusiasts.

3DSM also aims at being the best and most complete 3D event in the world, to promote 3D across the globe, and to help the 3D community by maintaining a steady spirit and heading in all circumstances.

The golden principles of 3DSM are:

to cover all aspects and all applications of all forms of 3D
to bring together scientists, engineers, technicians, artists, and business persons, all animated by a common passion for 3D
to deliver information of the highest-possible quality and answering the needs of attendees
to promote networking and interaction between all attendees, whether artistically or technically/research minded.