In this section you can find useful public documents on entrepreneurship and the summary of our achievements.

D6.5 Policy Recommendations application/pdf, 754.47kB
D1.3 Gender Strategy application/pdf, 748.98kB
D2.4 Synergy Report application/pdf, 1.13MB
D5.2 Secretariat application/pdf, 1.23MB
D3.3 Stakeholders Meeting Report application/pdf, 2.15MB
Startup Manifesto application/pdf, 46.84kB
D4.1 Action Plan Report application/pdf, 4.38MB
D1.4 IP Note application/pdf, 631.37kB
D3.2 Set of best practices application/pdf, 3.78MB
D6.1 Visual Identity application/pdf, 1.21MB
D3.4 Collaboration Agreement application/pdf, 571.45kB
D1.1 Project Toolbox application/pdf, 714.89kB
D2.1 Report on Mapping the Ecosystem application/pdf, 4.50MB
D5.1 Launch of the website application/pdf, 907.18kB
D6.2 Dissemination Plan application/pdf, 2.85MB
D2.3 Report on the survey results application/pdf, 1.75MB