10:30  Registrations
11:00  Welcome Speech - ECN
11:15  Keynote Speech - TBA
11:30  Panel 1 - How crowdfunding interacts with other financing methods for renewable energies?
                        -Siward Zomer,President, De Windwogel 
                        -Coenraad de Vries, Managing Partner, Startgreen
                        -Philip Bazin, Environmental Team Leder, Triodos Bank
                        -TBC, GH Capital 
                        -Moderator: Sarah Mekjian, Communications Director, Cliamate Alliance
12:15  Keynote Speech - Alix Bolle, Energy Cities
12:30  Lunch
13:30  Keynote speech - TBC, DG Energy, European Commission
14:00  Panel 2 – Crowdfunding for renewable energy sector: business models, cases and best practices
                        -Alex Raguet, President, Lumo
                        -Uwe Lebelt, International Business Development, GreenChannel
                        -TBA, WiSEED
                        -Marteen de Jong, Founder, Oneplanetcrowd
14:45  Panel 3 – Potential impact and cases of crowdfunding for renewable energies, energy efficiency and clean energy in Europe & beyond 
                       -Marilyn Heib, CEO, Bettervest
                       -Christopher Falsen, Co-founder & CFO,Trine
                       -Irene Maffini, Clean-tech commercilistion and venturing, Carbon Trust
                       -Julien Hostache, CEO, Enerfip
                       -Robert Pasicko, Team Leader Low Carbon Development, UNDP Croatia
                       -Moderator: Giles Dickson, EWEA TBC
15:30  Coffee break
16:00  Keynote speech - TBA
16:15  Panel 4 – Future trends and challenges of crowdfunding for renewable energies
                       -Nuno Brito Jorge, CEO, Boa Energia
                       -Tanja Aschenbeck Florange, Partner, Osborne Clarke Germany
                       -Mathias Klaes, Dundee University 
                       -Karl Harder, Co-founder, Abundance Generation
                       -Moderator : Aki Kallio, Adviser to the Finnish Ministry of Finance
17:00  Conclusion
17:15  Networking Drinks
18:30  End of Conference