Call for Applications PARIS MISSION (Deadline)


What's a Go Global Mission?

From 2016 will lead international missions and visit some of the most exciting startup hubs in the world. We'll organise pitching & networking opportunities with investors, the local tech scene, potential clients and make sure you get the right information on how to set up shop in these ecosystems. We'll meet Belgians who already took the plunge and visit some tech stars while at it. 

 Located in central western Europe, Paris’ ideal position allows you to travel to big cities such as London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Bern and Luxembourg within only 2.5 hours. It is impossible to enumerate the thousands of things that you can visit, do, eat and drink in Paris. That is why it is the most visited city in the world, with more than 30 million tourists each year.

Public and private investments have become more important than ever: The city of Paris is investing 1 billion Euros for infrastructure to host new startups. Microsoft will launch one of its Ventures Accelerators and many business angels are helping entrepreneurs.

Its current startup environment is experiencing the most important growth in the world. With 50M€ invested in 2014 in Paris’ startups alone, the biggest delegation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2015 was French. Paris is now among the best places for entrepreneurs and investors with 4,000 startups in Paris, 12,000 in Paris metropolitan area and the world’s biggest incubator in 2016 etc.

Register before September 30th