Budapest, Hungary


The 5th European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference goal is to leverage on the momentum built as a result of the previous conferences in Katowice, London, Rome and Athens to update the 2016-17 plan of action and continued revamping of Yes for Europe, making sure that Young Entrepreneurs in Europe are well connected and have a strong, collective voice.

Budapest is the perfect stage for such a discussion, a young, dynamic city that before many others has digitalized and its ecosystem has allowed the idea generation, startup and scaleup of companies we will have the opportunity to visit such as Prezi. Organized in parallel to Brain Bar Budapest, it will allow Yes for Europe members to interact with one of the largest festivals in Europe as well. Scheduled during European Maker Week, it will also feature an interactive workshop with Jan M. Sieber of interactions.cc included in the official program of #EMweek16.






This edition will be an opportunity to follow-up and update the work done around the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (#TTIP) and its impact on youth entrepreneurship. In addition, the upcoming #EUReferendum is an opportunity to look at ourselves, our challenges and how we could bring a positive impact towards a more integrated Europe.

The conference aims also to conclude to an updated structure, membership and governance for YES for Europe, implementing the tighter bilateral and multilateral cooperation across Associations representing Young Entrepreneurs across Europe and to launch the discussion on European Young Entrepreneurs’ vision on Europe’s economy.

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