Paris, France


Paris to London 2016



Put down your laptop and pick up a bike this June in our 5th anniversary

Join 70 TechBikers from 24th-26th June 2016 in our quest to help kids all around the world get an education by raising £50k for Room to Read!

As always, the fully-supported and excellently catered ride will safely lead us through about 300km of beautiful French and British countryside.

On the way, we'll pass the Eiffel Tower, quaint French towns, cute little lakes, some ghastly hills (don't worry, nobody gets left behind), and the South Downs. Upon arriving into London, we'll head to Greenwich for our traditional TechBikers group photo, and end the trip in style on a riverboat that takes us to Westminster, where we start on the final mile through the City.

The Charity

TechBikers' selected charity is http://roomtoread.org. World change starts with educated children. In fact, if every child received an education, 171 million people would be lifted out of poverty. Room to Read is one of the foremost charities making this happen.

We have so far raised over £100,000 for Room to Read and continue to vehemently support their mission.

By joining the ride, you commit to raising at least £500, to contribute to our overall goal of £50,000 for the ride.

This might sound like a big number, but we'll support you along the way. You can do it. Together, we can all do it. #YesWeCan

The Application Process

Sign up now to register your interest for the ride. We will announce our selection in the coming weeks and you will receive an invite to secure your spot.

If you get accepted, you will have to pay the ride contribution (aka registration fee) to secure your spot.

Please note this isn't refundable, so if you change your mind, you'll have to find someone else to take over your spot and raise your minimum donation for you!

But really, you don't want to drop out, do you :-)

The Ride Contribution

Every rider costs us £535. The difference between the total ride cost and what you contribute as a rider needs to be made up with sponsorship money. And of course, anything and everything extra goes straight to Room to Read.

This year, we're suggesting a minimum contribution of £275, but you're welcome to pay as much as it's worth to you based on understanding what you get, see below.

If you can cover the full cost of £535 that would be immense. Again, everything extra goes straight to Room to Read.

What do you get as a TechBiker?

tl;dr A weekend worth over £300, and that's excluding all of the ride planning, guiding, and networking you'll get in on!

What goes into the £300+? Here's an extract:

  • Eurostar worth £80
  • Bus ride in Paris worth £10
  • Cycling jersey worth £50
  • Hotel night 1 £30
  • Hotel night 2 £30
  • Lunch x3 £30
  • Dinner x3 £30
  • Channel ferry £35
  • Boat ride on the Thames £15
  • Closing party £10