Exit Investments Webinar - Part 1



Learn possible exit strategies and discuss how to prepare for them. This training session is directed to Private investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who are active in the angel investing sector.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Exiting an investment; the roles Business Angels can play

  • Exit triggers and options including:
    Exit valuation and process: buy back, trade sale,venture capitalist, IPO and liquidation

  • Exit scenario planning for investors and entrepreneurs throughout the investment.

This webinar is delivered in 2 parts; part 2 will contain course content not covered in part 1, due to time constraints.

Registration for both is required to receive dial-up/log-in details

A visual presentation is used

An experienced Business Angel shares their knowledge with you

Attendees may share their experiences and raise issues they currently do, or have faced

A sample executive summary and/or business plan may be reviewed