Brain Bar Budapest. Where tech and Humanity Collide

Budapest, Hungary


Brain Bar Budapest is a new global festival focusing on tech and humanity.

The event series features a diverse offering ofpresentations, debates and panel discussions, focusing on themes such as the complexity of the relationships between human labor and robotics, mass urbanization and the rural lifestyle or even singularity and religion. The festival’s main driving forces are dialogue and group brainstorming. Besides leading experts, decision makers and opinion leaders, the challengers of the status quo - entrepreneurs and students - also take part. 

Participants are offered a glimpse at the innovations generating change: cloud-based robotics, gene technology, artificial intelligence and automated transportation, as well as the survival of enterprises in an era of ever-accelerating innovation. 

Central Europe’s one and only inspiration festival is not only a summit centering around the most relevant of future trends, but also a meeting point, where the local players supported by Design Terminal, the Central European region’s most important market players, and the world’s leading thought leaders and decision makers all convene to put down the foundations of our future together.