Rome Maker Faire - 4th Edition


Call for Universities and Research Institutes

Public universities and public research institutes are eligible to apply for a collective exhibition space finalized at exhibiting their project through CALL.

Applications will be judged by the Maker Faire Rome Organization. 
Exhibition spaces, in function of the projects submitted, will be assigned to the selected subjects free of cost.

The application must be submitted via the appropriate Call for Universities and Research institutes described here, according to the following procedure:

Step 1) Fill in the application form [– by June 9;

Step 2) Where indicated on the website, add a description of each project wanting to present – at least one project by June 9.

The Organization will provide quick feedback on the candidacy, assign an exhibition space and promote partnership with the institution. 
Assignment of the spaces is subject to their availability at the event, therefore, the order of the arrival of requests is significant and we recommend that you send your application as quickly as possible, in this way the participating institution can also set up the participation in the event in advance.

The list of projects may in any case be integrated after the deadline and the organization will manage the content of the space assigned independently.

Private universities may not submit applications through Call for Universities and Research Insititutes but to participate in the Maker Faire Rome they can write to to define a form of partnership.

Private research Institutes may instead submit their candidacies for Call for Makers (coming soon).


  • Applications will be judged in relation to the innovativeness of the proposed content , and relevance to the themes of the event, taking into account any technical and safety requirements.
  • Only projects accompanied by functional physical prototypes will be accepted; theoretical projects or just software projects are therefore excluded.
  •  The exhibition space available is a vacant lot equipped with electrical power and connectivity, the stand, must be submitted to the organization for approval and the participating institution is completely responsible for costs.