SpaceHack - the Refugee Journey



Europe‚Äôs best designers, coders, architects and urban planners (with and without refugee status) are gathering to discover how technology can improve living conditions for displaced people around the world. We are opening up our six-story building in the center of Berlin and partnering with best in class technology and social activist organizations across Europe to take on real challenges migrants face in their journey. You will have 24 hours to prototype and pitch your ideas for the chance to win some amazing prizes.


The Refugee Journey:


There are many points along a refugee's journey where space negatively affects their goals. Along with our partners we are working with people who have made this journey and asking them to share their stories and pain points anonymously so we can come up with real solutions together. These stories will be discussed by hackathon participants on our Facebook Event page


Are you an asylum-seeker, aid worker or expert who has any story, big or small, to tell about a frustration you've faced on this journey? Share it with us below.