Utrecht, Netherlands


Creatives, techies and entrepreneurs unite!
In this intensive course – called “How to become a start-up in the creative (tech) industry” – you will join forces to form international student start-up teams and work on your own or a team member’s innovative idea. At HKU University of the Arts, you study theories and practices from Creativity, Technology and Entrepreneurship, demonstrating the value of creative process, design thinking, business modeling, innovation, customer validation and team cooperation.

HKU University of the Arts specializes in innovation and new business models for the cultural and creative industries. Professors, mentors and entrepreneurs from our creative tech schools such as Games & Interaction, Media and Music Technology as well as our business school Art & Economics will be your teachers and mentors during this summer course. This way, you and your team will benefit from both being at an art school and a business school for the creative industries. To support your start-up team, we will offer you extensive knowledge and experience from the fields of Creativity, Technology and Entrepreneurship, inspirational examples from the creative industries, as well as intercultural cooperation, pitch training and teambuilding skills.

About HKU University of the Arts
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht offers preparatory courses, bachelor and master programmes and research degrees in fine art, design, media, games and interaction, music, theatre and arts management. With more than 3,900 students, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht is one of the largest art and culture-oriented institutes in Europe.

In the CREA Summer Academy, teachers and staff from both the schools of Art & Economics, Games & Interaction, Music Technology and Media as well as from the Master Crossover Creativity work together to provide you with lectures, mentoring and workshops from different angles and fields of study.