Tallinn, Estonia


Would you like to start your own company that would create products and/or services that meet the new needs of many and have an impact on large social scale? Would you like to revolutionize the industry of your expertise through creative thinking and innovative solutions? Do you have an idea on how to do that or would you like to be part of creating such solution?

Take part in the Tallinn Summer Academy to practice and contribute to creative and socially responsible innovation. You will get practical training from professional mentors and coaches with other entrepreneurs to gain all the knowledge you need to launch a creative and socially responsible successful startup. CREA Tallinn Summer Academy is a great place to gain new entrepreneurship skills and enjoy the creative and social part of developing a socially important solution or an innovative business idea.

To active that goal you will study and practice topics like team building, intellectual property, export and finance, business model generation, design management, marketing and sales. Tallinn CREA Tallinn Summer Academy gives you practical perspective and useful know-how from trainers and coaches who consult innovative and creative startups daily.

Tallinn CREA SUMMER ACADEMY is for all teams and entrepreneurs that would like to develop their own innovative business idea or join in with a team.


  • Technology driven ventures in creative service design
  • Creative industry and products
  • Finance and export
  • Branding and sales
  • Fashion industry