IN3: Innovators, Investors and Institutions

Madrid, Spain


IN3 is an exciting opportunity to explore the potential for collaboration and investment in Spain’s growing tech sector. Come exchange ideas with innovators, investors, and institutional actors about the challenges and solutions for scaling-up international tech companies.

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For Entrepreneurs:

The event provides the opportunity to hear from leading start-ups and tech investors on how to overcome institutional and investment challenges that inhibit the growth of new businesses.

U.S. entrepreneurs will also have the chance to explore areas of potential collaboration with their Spanish counterparts and learn from Spanish companies experience expanding into European and Latin American markets.

For Investors:

The Spanish tech sector represents a young, uncrowded environment that has been favorably compared to Silicon Valley in the 1970s. Entrepreneurs in attendance represent proven companies valued between $10 M and $100 M that are ready to scale-up internationally.

In addition to potential investment opportunities, Spain also serves as a platform for entry into European and Latin American markets.

For Institutions:

Governments, established companies, and NGOs all play an important role in creating an environment that supports innovation and entrepreneurship.

At IN3, institutional participants from the United States and Spain will have the opportunity to share ideas on how to encourage innovation-led economic growth and engage with founders and investors to learn what small- and medium-sized businesses need to succeed.