StartUp Europe Comes to the Regions - SEC2R

Brussels, Belgium


The purpose of SEC2R is to mobilize regions to use the new article 70 of the ESIF to create a fully networked space for startups in Europe and launch a new EU network of "startup friendly regions”.

Bring together: To encourage joined up efforts between stakeholders from Startup Europe (SE) projects and their regions. Also, to encourage closer collaboration among regions to support their startups, and help them to go global and spread to other regions in Europe.

Facilitate Implementation: To explore how the new article 70 of the ESIF can be used to create a fully networked space for startups in Europe.

Raise Awareness: To raise awareness of the Startup Europe initiative among region representatives. The regions will be encouraged to actively complement Startup Europe activities.

SEC2R will connect SE partners and region representatives at an event that will take place in the Committee of Regions. In this event, the stakeholders that are described below will be present and would interact with each other.
Two main deliverables are expected:
1. To launch the “EU network of startup friendly regions” at the closing ceremony by VP Ansip (tbc)
2. Roadmap of activities to implement the main actions proposed by the CoR opinion of October 2014, to strengthen the ecosystems of startups across Europe
A full day workshop in the CoR premises to engage all the different stakeholders.
Themes of sessions/meet-ups:
• Startup Europe initiative
• SE projects and networks
• Collaboration opportunities between regions
• Use of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) to create a truly connected space for startups. Emphasizing the use of Article 70 in Regulation No 1303/2013 to make it happen
1. Representatives of the following regions
The 16 regions that have been connected through the SE projects. Advanced regions in Europe in terms of start
ups ecosystem not represented in the SE projects (e.g. Aalto)
2. Representatives of the partners that are part of the consortia of the new SE project Accelerators, Investors, Tech Media, entrepreneurs
3. Political/Government representatives Committee of Regions representatives Startup Europe Team
Why to participate?
• Do you want to be part of the new “EU Network of startup-friendly regions”?
• Learn to use up to 15% of ESIF to help your startups to grow global and all across the EU?
Accelerators, investors, entrepreneurs
• Learn how to work with regions to use the ESIF to develop the local startups’ ecosystems.
• Meet mind-likewise people with whom to share experiences and best practices about working with regional governments.