Course: System Architecture for the Internet of Things (IoT)


This brand-new course will help you as an IT professional stay up-to-date with the latest trends, tools and techniques in the field of IoT. Our 'blended learning' approach combines several online resources for you to access at any time.

This course is organised by iMinds and partners.

About the training

Created by renowned industry experts and academics, the “System Architecture for the Internet of Things” course is an essential training for all digital technology professionals who wish to be updated on the most innovative products, methods, tools and techniques available to shape IoT applications.

Its blended learning approach adapts to participants’ personal needs, schedules and learning pace, combining online interactive videos, access to case studies, weekly exercises and individual coaching with industry experts.

The training is split in two main parts: “Architecting Smart IoT Solutions” and “Software Architecture for the Internet of Things”. Participants can choose to attend either one or both, in no specific order. At the end of each part, an on-site coaching day is planned where participants can get feedback on their own IoT projects.

Applying the lessons-learnt, the course participants are invited to take part in a project in which all learnings are combined: from architectural design, hardware and operating system selection to application development and user evaluation.

Courses Description

Course 1

The “Architecting Smart IoT Solutions” course provides insights in the concept and application of embedded systems in the context of IoT, focusing on system design and including the underlying tools, hardware and software components.

Course 2

The “Software Architecture for the Internet of Things” part dives into the development of software apps. It focuses on the methodology used to design software, the concept and importance of software architecture and the several technical and business issues that should be taken into account when developing software for IoT systems and applications.



After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Design secure, modifiable, scalable IoT systems that are able to interoperate while meeting quality requirements.
  • Apply the best and most modern software architecture methods to design complex IoT applications and 'systems of systems'.
  • Understand the business impact of technical decisions made in terms of system architecture.

Course dates

  • Registration deadline: November 15th
  • Beginning of the courses: November 16th (1)
  • On-site coaching day I: December 16th (2)
  • On-site coaching day II: December 17th (2)
  • The weekly load is estimated at 2 hours/week: viewing videos, reading reference material & finalizing exercises. Optional: weekly phone conference or GoToMeetings

(1) The two online courses will begin at the same time. However, it is possible to attend both simultaneously.

(2) The on-site coaching days will take place at the iMinds offices.


Course 1: Architecting Smart IoT Solutions


Module 1: Introduction to Systems Architecture

  • What are embedded systems
  • Dealing with system complexity
  • Model based development with SysML
  • SysML diagram types for embedded systems development
  • IoT architecture
  • Smart building case

Module 2: Real Time Operating Systems

  • Operating systems from tiny to large
  • Realtime scheduling
  • Synchronization and communication
  • Device drivers
  • Rules for multitasking architectural design
  • Smart building case

Module 3: System Finalization

  • Software development tools
  • Debugging threads and device drivers
  • Tuning and optimizing
  • Testing and device simulation
  • Security
  • Smart building case

Module 4: Low Power

  • Introduction
  • Power budget
  • MCU, interrupts, timers, DMA
  • On-board communication
  • External communication
  • Smart building case

On-site coaching day: hardware and software components


Course 2: Software Architecture for the Internet of Things

Module 1: Software Architecture

  • Challenges in software engineering
  • Requirements in all forms and shapes
  • How to meet requirements and quality
  • Attribute-driven design process
  • Software architecture in agile processes
  • Smart building case

Module 2: Quality Attributes

  • Introduction
  • Quality attributes’ scenarios
  • Interoperability
  • Modifiability
  • Smart building case

Module 3: Tactics and Patterns

  • Tactics
  • Modifiability
  • Patterns
  • Combining patterns and tactics
  • Smart building case

On-site coaching day: software business considerations



At the end of the training, all participants will receive a certificate containing the workload per module and in total, the subjects addressed and the final grade, signed by iMinds.

Practical Information




iMinds, Gaston Crommenlaan 8, 9050 Ghent, Belgium

Who should apply:

  • Hardware and software developers
  • Embedded systems engineers
  • R&D and innovation managers
  • Product managers responsible for designing embedded systems or wanting to broaden their knowledge about the future Internet and IoT applications

Registration Fees:

Open Online Training: 49€/course

  • Access to all online course material

Full Blended Learning Package: Online training with coaching (on your own project)

The full package training includes the online content, plus:

  • Online tutors during 'office hours'
  • Interaction and learning with other students
  • Possibility to propose an own case which can be used for coaching
  • F2F day in group (eventually a one-hour individual coaching possible as well)
  • Guided exercises or case studies

General Fee:

  • Individual Module: 495€ (excl. VAT)
  • Complete Training: 750€ (excl. VAT)

Fee for EIT Partners (Includes iMinds partners, such as Sirris and Agoria):

  • Individual Module: 350€ (excl. VAT)
  • Complete Training: 550€ (excl. VAT)

Maximum Number of Participants:

30 people

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