Milan, Berlin, Madrid, Salamanca, San Francisco and Dublin

The SILICON VALLEY STARTUP SCHOOL + EU ROADSHOW call opens today. European startups based in Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Milan and Salamanca are invited to apply here to take their chance at bringing their business to the next level.

Startup Europe WELCOME project is looking for nine top-notch startups ready to pack their bags and embark on an international adventure that will start in Milan and will end up in Dublin passing through Berlin, Madrid, Salamanca and San Francisco.
In Europe, selected startups, will be introduced to the local startups scene and will have the opportunity to meet and pitch in front of the most active investors, media and opinion leaders by attending an ad hoc event organized by Dpixel (Milan, 16th-18th May), Startup Europe Summit (Berlin, 9th-10th June), South Summit (Madrid, 5th-7th October) and Dublin Tech Meeting (Dublin, 26th-27th October).

In the European part the startups will:

• be introduced to each local startups scene,
• will have the opportunity to meet and pitch in front of the most active investors,
• be introduced to best local media and opinion leaders,
• attend some of the coolest events such as the Startup Europe Summit and the Dublin Tech Summit,

In San Francisco startups will join a three-week immersion program at the Mind The Bridge Startup School where they will fine-tune their investor pitch and gain the best contacts and knowledge for a soft-landing in Silicon Valley.

The 2016 SV STARTUP SCHOOL and EU ROADSHOWS will be the “second reloaded edition” of these activities package offered by the WELCOME project and if the first round was a field test this time DPIXEL and Mind The Bridge in charge of the organization will make sure to offer even a better experience thanks to the feedback and suggestions received for the first edition.

Last year these were the six amazing startups that took part in the experience:

• ARTOMATIX (Dublin) an art automation service for the gaming industry
• GROUP ESTATE (Berlin) a portal allowing users to form groups to buy or renovate properties
• KOPJRA (Milan) a saas service for copyright infringement detection
• OPEN BACK (Dublin) a B2B automated service able to increase mobile app user retention
• PAPEM (Milan) a mobile application to find out fashion shops offers
• VIDEONA (Madrid) a video recording, edit and sharing application designed for millennials

Some of them are already reaping the rewards that they got from their experience with the WELCOME project but the best have yet to come for them.

This is an incredible opportunity that should not be missed by growth-hungry startups! But startups who want to apply should listen to those who already took part in it, as did Iago Fernandez Cedron, CEO of Videona that states “ The experience is awesome to build relations in USA,and to increase your network in Europe” followed by Neal O’ Gorman, CEO of Artomatix that found the journey “a unique opportunity to intermingle and learn from foreign startup ecosystems and it’s a great stepping stone to the path of internationalizing your startup!”

What are you waiting for? Apply here by April 8th!