Call for Applications TEL AVIV MISSION (Deadline)

Tel Aviv, Israel

What's a Go Global Mission?

From 2016 will lead international missions and visit some of the most exciting startup hubs in the world. We'll organise pitching & networking opportunities with investors, the local tech scene, potential clients and make sure you get the right information on how to set up shop in these ecosystems. We'll meet Belgians who already took the plunge and visit some tech stars while at it. 

Only second to the Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv is one of the main startup hubs in the world. The diversity of the start-ups based in Tel Aviv allows for easy collaboration across industries: Internet, mobile communication, security companies can all benefit from working together to create new and compelling technology. The city works hard to create a climate that is attractive to companies looking for a home base. With partnerships that include some of the largest names in the tech world, the incentives to operate out of Tel Aviv in many ways go beyond the tax and legal benefits available to the company. Moreover, Tel Aviv focuses on developing an infrastructure that is as legally friendly to start-ups as possible, which is why entrepreneurs are sure their intellectual property is protected. In addition, to increase the city’s exposure to potential markets, new talent and capital, the city regularly promotes networking and conferences around international tech fields in order to attract potential investors.