Europa Media Non-profit Ltd.

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Europa Media is an independent, non-profit SME based in Budapest, Hungary. Since its establishment in 2003, Europa Media has been working to provide and present dispersed and highly technical information regarding EU policies, funding opportunities and programmes in a streamlined and simplified manner to potential stakeholders in Europe and worldwide. To this end, Europa Media has developed, launched and publicised a variety of information sources and tools including web platforms, publications and events.  We are involved in several EU funded initiatives and projects, in which we are responsible for management, e-learning, web portals, videos, publications and generally dissemination. The company has created a unique and highly successful portfolio of training programmes in a frame of several European projects, all include different e-learning tools and some targeted especially at SMEs with varying degrees of difficulty, length and covering a wide range of topics (from biomass assessment to retrofitting of buildings and involvement of RES in energy production on the municipality level). Our multidisciplinary team of experts has several years of hands-on experience in developing and implementing EU-funded projects. We have been involved in over 50 EC projects over the past decade as coordinator or partner.