• Our mission is to provide full accelerator services which are focused on finding next big thing and providing the best possible outcome for our startups. Our goal is to help founders to reach long-term sustainability by providing an early opportunity for funding, know-how (entrepreneurial education), know-who (mentoring) and perks. We work in 3 different areas such as Accelerator & Incubation Program, Entrepreneurial Education and Community Building Events.
    If you want to be a Born Global startup, Viveka helps you to get focused and work on what matters to reach your goal. By training and mentoring your team and providing network and investor, introducing mentor or founder, your startup will be ready to be a Born Global startup! With the knowledge of success and failure examples from all around the world, we integrate Turkish culture and economy to achieve the most suitable and sustainable business plan for Born Global startups.



    Rockstart, “The Global Startup Machine”, helps startups be more successful in their first 1,000 days through funding and mentorship (Rockstart Accelerator and Rockstart Impact), community and office space (Rockstart Spaces), relevant startup events (Rockstart Answers) and more.

  • Türkiye'nin  en büyük teknoparklarından biri olan Bilkent Cyberpark'ın sunduğu çeşitli ve kapsamlı hizmetlerin yanında sahip olduğu çok sayıda avantaj ve ayrıcalıklar bulunmaktadır; Özel bir üniversiteye bağlı olarak kurulmuş olması ve özel bir şirket tarafından yönetilme dinamizmi ile esnek ve kalite odaklı bir yönetime sahip olmasıİş ve girişimcilik merkezi olma perspektifine sahip ve buna imkan sağlayan araç ve mekanizmaları geliştirmesi

    Türkiye'nin en önemli Araştırma Merkezleri'ni bünyesinde bulundurması (NANOTAM, UNAM,  BİLCEM, BİLUZAY, İAL, İSYAM, UMRAM, BASTA, USİM)

    Türkiye'nin ilk özel Kuluçka Merkezi'ni kurmuş olmasıBilkent Üniversitesi ve diğer seçkin üniversitelere yakınlığı ve bu sayede nitelikli iş gücüne erişim kolaylığı

    KOSGEB Duvarsız Teknoloji İnkübatörü (DTİ) statüsünü alan ilk teknopark olmasıUluslararası tanınırlığa sahip ve çok sayıda uluslararası kuruluşla işbirliği halinde olmasıUluslararası Teknoparklar Birliği (IASP), Dünya Bankası'nın İnfodev Kuluçka Merkezi Birliği, TÜSİAD Ar-Ge İnovasyon Çalışma Grubu ve Dünya İnovasyon Platformu (WAINOVA) üyesi olması

    Türkiye'de 30'un üzeinde teknoparkın üyesi olduğu Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgeleri Derneği'nin (TGBD) üyesi olmasıKaliteye verdiği önemin bir göstergesi olarak Türkiye'de ISO 9001-2008 Kalite Yönetim Sistemi Belgesi'ni alan ilk teknopark olması

    Ankara Teknoparkları arası işbirliği ve Ankara'nın teknoloji başkenti markası için çalışan Ankara Teknoloji Platformu Tech

    Ankara'nın daimi ortağı olmasıKonut, otel, AVM, spor, eğlence, kongre merkezi gibi imkanlara sahip, çağdaş bir uydukent üzerinde kurulu olması

  • 2008 yılında Hacettepe Üniversitesi tarafından, üniversitelerdeki akademik ve teknik bilgi birikimini endüstriye aktarma, üniversite, sanayi ve uluslararası teknoloji ağları arasında ara yüz olma amacıyla kurulduk

  • In 5 months full of action, The Accelerator transforms high-potential initiatives and startups into thriving global ventures geared up for scale - and investment.

  • It partner with pioneering technology companies taking advantage of software, mobile platforms and the web. It invest in companies registered and operating in Greece, yet addressing international markets. Innovation in products, services or business models is essential. It also require technology to drive value creation.

  • Launched in 2013, the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator is a Berlin-based accelerator looking for trail-blazing digital entrepreneurs. They’re more than just an accelerator: they provide global opportunities from day one, through our international network in Europe and Silicon Valley.

  • The Brussels Life Science Incubator (BLSI) started activities at the end of 2011. Its objective is to help innovative healthcare companies in the development of new activities by offering them flexible and adapted accommodation as well as logistic and advisory services.
    BLSI offers 2,350 m² of modern work facilities in the heart of the UCL university campus in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, including equipped life-science laboratories and a range of shared services (meeting room, secretarial facilities, offices, project support, etc.).

  • ACME Labs was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It is organized as a collective: upon completion of the program and provides not just funding, but the advice, expertise, and relationships to help entrepreneurs shape and realize their vision.

  • Design Terminal’s six-month long business development program for teams focusing on digital economy, design and urban development.

  • Carrier Center for the students of ELTE University.

  • Google's Budapest Startup Program

  • InVendor Investment and Innovation Ltd. is a consulting house providing sell- and buy-side M&A and related strategic advisory and scouting services for corporate clients and organizing deals for startup companies. We offer end-to-end, one stop shop solutions to our corporate clients that create value during mergers and acquisitions.

  • Primus Capital enables ambitious and innovative companies in the technology and services sectors to realize their full business potential. Primus accelerates the growth of early and expansion stage enterprises by providing venture capital funding, development advice and access to international clients, partners and investors.

  • It helps potentially-global European startups take aim and soft-land them on the U.S. market, providing a small amount of investment, world-class mentoring, press, PR, co-working spacefor the portfolio companies.

  • White Summers Caffee & James (WSCJ) is one of the West Coast’s leading boutique corporate and international law firms. We have been in business for over 18 years, and over that time we have contributed to the success of innovate companies such as Anki, Redbooth, Tesla, OluKai and SOL Republic.

    We work with companies and executives globally from our offices located in the Silicon Valley, Portland, OR, San Francisco, and Budapest. We have represented well over 500+ companies and investors on over 300+ financings and 250+ liquidity exit events. In a nutshell, we help build innovation platforms and companies that improve the world we live in.

  • It provides a comprehensive service in employment area, with personalized attention to the users, information about the labour market, help in labour integration, supporting the new entrepreneurs in the development of their projects.

  • Our Firm has been founded by Mr. Enver Sezer Çalışkan and Mr. Murat Kızılyel after earning 14 years of experience in various prominent law firms of Turkey. The members of the Firm have involved in 13 different areas of legal practice and have led over 60 projects, certain of which have earned awards including but not limited to World Finance Magazine and Legal Alliance Summit. We regard these awards both as a motivation and an obligation to master the challenges arising from future market developments. The Firm advises Turkish and overseas clients on, among others, corporate and e-commerce law, mergers and acquisitions, labour law, foreign direct investment transactions, project finance and aviation law. The Firm also provides extensive services on litigation and execution proceedings. 

  • Enkuba is a start-up accelerator that helps creative entrepreneurs start companies building web and mobile-based products.            

  • Inovent is Turkey’s first technology commercialization/accelerator and seed fund company established in 2006 as a for profit, fully owned subsidiary of Sabanci University. Inovent’s focus is on the commercialization of early stage technologies
    with a particular focus on fostering faculty based entrepreneurship.Since its launch, Inovent has incorporated 19 startups, 3 of which as Inovent seed fund companies. To date Inovent had 4 successful exits.

  • İnventram, a partnership of Koç Holding and Koç University, is an early stage technology, innovation and IP investment, commercialization, and advisory company founded in April 2010.

    İnventram’s objective is to commercialize early-stage innovative technological inventions with the best possible business models.

    İnventram invests equity in technology and innovation based start-ups and provides sales support via revenue sharing schemes.In addition, İnventram helps university researchers and entrepreneurs discover, evaluate, patent, transfer, license, and commercialize their IPs and technologies via various other business models, and joins the incorporation process of their projects as a founding shareholder by providing Koç Holding’s available corporate support.

    As a result, intellectual capital shall be turned into products and services that will improve the standard of living of our society.

  • An international organisation, specialising in audit, accounting, tax, consulting and advisory services. It has 14,000 professionals in 73 countries.

  • SUCool is a pre-incubation center which supports entrepreneurs who have technology-R&D-innovation based value-added projects that provide real solutions to real problems.

    SUCOOL provides;
          Early Stage Support
          Comprehensive Training
          Deep Mentorship
          Effective Business Development
          Global Reach


  • It helps potentially-global European startups take aim and soft-land them on the U.S. market, providing a small amount of investment, world-class mentoring, press, PR, co-working spacefor the portfolio companies.

  • Invest Lisboa is Lisbon’s investment promotion agency and it’s a partnership between Lisbon’s City Council and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support from AICEP, (the national economic promotion agency) and Baía do Tejo, (land and business parks management).

    • Personalized, confidential and free support for Investors, Businesses and Entrepreneurs - to ensure a rapid response to requests for information, contacts, advice, partners, facilities and investment opportunities. We are facilitators and a contact point.
    • International Promotion to attract investments, businesses and talent - ensure visibility of Lisbon as an investment destination and business location.
    • Promotion of Economy - mobilize partners and resources for the implementation of projects that contribute to boost the economy.

  • PWN Lisbon is a Portuguese branch of PWN Global. PWN Global is a unique off-line and online networking and learning community for women and companies seeking to promote and encourage women’s professional progress.

  • The Fund is aimed at entrepreneurs with innovative technological projects in the field of energy and energy efficiency who have set up or intend to set up a company. The Fund's objective is to support them in taking their solutions to the market as quickly as possible.

  • Boox is a business accelerator that combines experience and innovation. Our lean and efficient structure - along with the expertise accumulated in over 20 years of business - gives support to the new generation of entrepreneurs working in the creation of digital companies. Our mentors and advisors share with each founder the right network and experience in the field in order to create a successful project to be launched on international markets.

  • Newcastle Upon Tyne

    Europe’s angel-led acceleration fund, educational events and tech meetups, co-working space, consultancy services and much more – we’re Ignite, and we’re here to help entrepreneurs, developers and designers grow, make a difference and build businesses people love.

  • NUMA Sprint is the pioneering acceleration program for your startup in France. It accelerate all stages startups within our 4 months program. In exchange for 5% equity.:

  • The Orange Fab program is targeted at small and medium-sized companies that, in partnership with Orange, could jointly develop technologically advanced solutions. With this program, you can get access to the global dimension of the Orange brand, the wide range of customers, the knowledge of experts, the channels of promotion and the Orange Poland distribution network.


  • HugeThing is a 3-weeks long, intensive pre-acceleration programme, based in Poland. The programme is dedicated to startups working on a scalable, innovative idea. During this period, we aim to provide a series of methods and resources for their development and growth.

  • StartupReykjavik is a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program. It runs a 10 week long program in Reykjavik, Iceland once each year. We’re very selective on the ideas we get into our program. 

  • Desall offers to companies and private clients a web platform dedicated to the conception and participatory development of new products in the industrialcraft and interior design fields.

    Clients looking for inspirationcreativity and product innovation can launch creative contests open to a worldwide community of designers, obtaining - at the same time - design solutions and international visibility.

    Founded by Davide Scomparin, Desall was started to help companies find new and innovative design solutions and to help creatives connect to each other, get noticed and be visible to the all the design companies around the world.

    Desall stands for Design+all and we love it sounds like That's all.

    Born in 2012, Desall is a little company growing in H-Farm, based in Treviso near Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  • LAUNCHub is a seed fund supporting the most promising entrepreneurs and digital startups in Southeastern Europe

  • They focus on hardware, creative industries and health-tech startups. Accepting startups worldwide.

    During the 3 month mentoring program teams can use our prototyping tools. Startups are offered  free open office space at Tartu Science Park and can test their product with end-users in a Living Lab setting. Teams also get free and discounted services from partners – that includes development tools, design services, legal and accounting services + many more.

  • The Orange Fab program is targeted at small and medium-sized companies that, in partnership with Orange, could jointly develop technologically advanced solutions. With this program, you can get access to the global dimension of the Orange brand, the wide range of customers, the knowledge of experts, the channels of promotion and the Orange Poland distribution network.


  • Valencia Enterprise is an initiative of the Department of Employment and Entrepreneurship at Valencia City Council. The main aim is to encourage enterprise and to contribute towards increasing both volume of turnover and technological standards in Valencian companies.

    On this website we aim to provide all the necessary resources, information and action plans for people interested in business, such as relevant business information and assessment, training courses, news on related events and Incubator Companies.

    In short, we aim to provide the useful tools for anyone who is setting up a company and for those company owners who wish to grow and expand internationally. We aim to be able to answer investors queries about what exactly Valencia has to offer and where they can invest here. Valencia is undoubtedly an excellent spot for enterprise, growth, expansion and development.

  • The Orange Fab program is targeted at small and medium-sized companies that, in partnership with Orange, could jointly develop technologically advanced solutions. With this program, you can get access to the global dimension of the Orange brand, the wide range of customers, the knowledge of experts, the channels of promotion and the Orange Poland distribution network.


  • Powerful service to accelerate startup and entrepreneurs in Zaragoza city.