• ACME Labs was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It is organized as a collective: upon completion of the program and provides not just funding, but the advice, expertise, and relationships to help entrepreneurs shape and realize their vision.

  • It helps potentially-global European startups take aim and soft-land them on the U.S. market, providing a small amount of investment, world-class mentoring, press, PR, co-working spacefor the portfolio companies.

  • Docklands Innovation, a Bolton Trust initiative, encourages and promotes new business enterprise in Ireland. We are an independent voluntary trust actively committed to assisting entrepreneurs to create sustainable business. We own and manage Docklands Innovation Park a hub of innovation based in the Dublin Docklands.

  • It helps potentially-global European startups take aim and soft-land them on the U.S. market, providing a small amount of investment, world-class mentoring, press, PR, co-working spacefor the portfolio companies.


    We want to empower entrepreneurs with the resources needed to turn their ideas into real projects.
    ​We aim to be a platform to connect people and give support to new ventures in Portugal and abroad.

  • Madrid Audiovisual Cluster is a nonprofit business association declared Innovative Business Association (AEI) of Excellence by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism in Spain. Madrid Audiovisual Cluster is a triple helix cluster involving local authorities (Communidad de Madrid), research partners (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Politecninca de Madrid and enterprises (36 SMEs).
    Madrid ICT & Audiovisual Cluster aims to:
    • Boost the innovation and competitiveness of its members, promoting the generation, retention and sharing of talent and knowledge.
    • Promote business models that encourage the search for new audiovisual technologies and content.
    • Contribute to the development of R & D in all fields related to the audiovisual and ICT sectors.
    All its activity is based on collaboration between industry players (companies, universities, government and R&D centres) to generate added value and in the belief that we live in an increasingly visual world. 

  • Internet and Mobile Ventures. We are dedicated to fund, launch and operate highly innovative projects and services in Internet and Mobile services. We enjoy access to a network of top-tier Companies and Professionals with whom we have partnered both for co-investment opportunities as well as for shared expertise and synergies on particular projects. With over 12 years fully dedicated to Internet on a Global scale, Xandas combines broad expertise from the areas of Web, Mobile Internet, Applications and Services. Our projects have a Global scope and have been deployed in Europe, US, and Asia.

  • As a catalyzer of innovation, we strive to contribute to the transformation through Information and Communications Technology (ICT) of Trentino into a competitive and dynamic knowledge economy aimed at sustainable development and quality of life.

    Our greatest resources lie in our passionate people who work in research, innovation and high-level professional training. Trento RISE is a core partner of the ICT network within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. We host the seat of the Italian node of the EIT ICT Labs and work in synergy with the five other nodes in the network in Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, Eindhoven and Stockholm.

    ICT for quality of life is our goal. In order to reach it we work in the following areas:

    Computing in the cloud - Provision of applications, massive data and infrastructures as services ubiquitously accessible from any device connected to the Internet.

    • Cyber-physical Systems - Cyber-physical systems (CPS) enable the physical world to merge with the virtual leading to an Internet of things, data and services.
    • Digital Cities of the Future - New challenges in the fields of security, environmental issues, transportation systems, water distribution and – more general – resource management to make life easier.
    • Health & Wellbeing - Force a breakthrough based on the Active Healthy Ageing platform concept, an ICT system that incorporates the functional and non-functional aspects in its design.
    • Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems - Intelligent mobility: absolutely safe (zero accident) and sustainable (zero emission), with new business opportunities (Apps for your car).
    • Internet Technologies and Architecture - Because of Internet universality, today’s networks are facing various challenges for their future evolutions: scalability, complexity, heterogeneity, trust ability, new business models.
    • Networking Solutions for Future Media - Develop and experiment a powerful and open new ICT infrastructure, capable of delivering rich data, user friendly, competitive, multidisciplinary, ensuring quality of service/experience to end users.
    • Privacy, Security & Trust in Information Society - New privacy-preserving and secure technologies to protect them.
    • Smart Energy Systems - Optimize energy efficiency by enabling the future smart energy infrastructures and their implementation.
    • Smart Spaces - Making living and working more comfortable and efficient.

  • We facilitate the creation of projects that simplify the use of digital tools and services for people and companies, and provide support to companies in the digitalization of their operations. We have grown and developed our global presence over the years, whilst maintaining solid links with the original territory where our headquarters are located, the heart of the vital ecosystem.

    Over 450 young people work on the various companies set in the green landscape of Ca’ Tron farm. They enjoy its welcoming atmosphere, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


    We grew up in a place where the land and the water meet and merge, where the horizon seems to stretch as far as the eye can see. These enormous skies are where our dream began. This is where we spend our lives and see the many changes young people are making to our world. They are our future, the new generation of entrepreneurs who will bring new value to our companies.

    In the heart of this territory, we are working hard to achieve our most ambitious project to date – to create an enterprise innovation Village. The new enterprises that will be set up and develop here will have the task of interacting with traditional companies, guiding them and helping them become open to innovation and to the vast opportunities that digitalization represents.

    In the last ten years, large numbers of us have worked on this great dream. We chose to stay here, knowing that the road ahead would be long and arduous. We felt we owed this choice to the generations that came before us, and left us this wonderful heritage for us to recreate. We also felt a sense of great responsibility towards future generations. It is to them that we owe our duty to do our best.

    Great things can be achieved through dreams, and we have never let go of our dream. Together we can achieve great things.


    - Investments;

    - Acceleration Programs;

    - Digital Transformation;

    - Digital Education.

  • Student organization for entrepreneurship at KTH in Stockholm. 

  • Seed Nordic Accelerator is a 16 week acceleration programme aimed at getting your product to market and raising funds for the next phase.

  • SISP - is the membership-based trade association for Sweden incubators and science parks. 

  • SUP46 gathers startup people in a Stockholm-based meeting & co-working space. 

  • VEGA  - VEnice GAteway for Science and Technology - is one of the most important Science and Technology Parks in Italy  active in the most advanced sectors of technological innovation: Nanotechnologies, Information Communication Technology (ICT), and the Green Economy.

    It is located in a strategic geographical position, in the heart of North East Italy, close to Venice’s historical centre, to “Marco Polo” international airport and to the most important infrastructures on water and earth.

    VEGA is the example of Porto Marghera’s requalification, one of the most extended European industrial areas (more than 2.000 hectares).

    VEGA promotes the realization of technological platforms and laboratories of innovation in order to ease the technological transfer from the research world to the sector of production, cooperating with associations of enterprises.

    It operates to support the innovation of SMEs in Veneto region, to foster a system of relations, networks and community between the present enterprises and the incubation of innovative entrepreneurial ideas, also through new kinds of installation (such as the coworking) to foster relations between innovative, visionary designers.