• Our organisation is committed to promoting the competitiveness of Hungarian enterprises. We believe that treating IP created during the innovation process as a value and properly protecting intellectual property rights will establish market efficiency for businesses, thus becoming the driving force behind the nation’s economic growth.

  • A platform for launching and accelarating start-ups and mobile/internet initiatives.

    An innovative platform to provide entrepreneurs with a state-of-the-art value added services and a collaborative eco-system which allows:

    • Leverage Knowledge.
    • Generation of economies of scale.
    • Reduce risks.
    • Accelarate growth.

  • The Chamber of Commerce supports and promotes the general interests of local businesses and markets through in-house functions or others delegated to it by the national or regional governments or deriving from international conventions. 

    It is an open institution closely integrated into the local economy, interpreting its various voices and values, and promoting development through the provision of real services

  • LCA fosters innovation and supports new generations of enterprises in their expansion on the global markets.

    The Law Firm has indeed gained a specific expertise in assisting company incubators, investment and venture capital funds and technological startups, implementing an all-embracing and coordinated approach that interconnects business, markets, new technologies, scientific innovation and law.

    To this regard, LCA has recently opened a new branch inside the venture incubator H-FARM, located near the city of Treviso (a very important area in the national and international context from an economical and entrepreneurial point of view) and focused on the innovation in the Internet, ICT and media sectors. The aim of such opening is to assist new entrepreneurs in the launching and development of innovative business ideas and projects and to help investors and venture capital funds in finding high-potential startups in which to invest.

  • Innovation in 4G